Snow Prevents Truckee Flooding

When we first arrived in Truckee earlier Sunday morning, the Truckee River was showing its might.

Along highway 89 to Lake Tahoe, the flow was fast and cold and in some places beyond its typical banks.

On the other side of the highway, water saturated hillsides had enough...newly formed waterfalls, dumped onto the roadway and flowed toward town.

If James Bond were a finish carpenter, and he lived in Truckee California, he'd be as calm and collected as this James Bond, a twenty year resident in the Sierra Mountain town, who lives right along the Truckee River.

High above the banks, you could see the snow start to fall from the windows in his workshop.

He's more than happy to open the door and tell you why he's not too concerned with the rising tide.

"Before and when the largest flood I've seen has come up on the lawn and there was a lot of snag trees collected between the two cottonwoods. Nothing I can do. You know if it gets too high you have to get in your truck and go someplace else. I guess," says Bond.

From his backyard you can see the fast current and occasional debris taken with it..

It's all going to Reno Bond says.

From the bridge in downtown Truckee you can see the number of homes on Bridge Street in harms way had weather predictions come true.

There was an evacuation center on Donner Pass Rd, but only a handful showed up this morning.

No doubt they'd probably be back as home Monday night more concerned about icy as opposed to flooding streets.

Several inches of snow had already hit the ground in just our two hour stay.

The Truckee River looks less menacing as the snow slowed its rapid rise.

Predictions of damage caused by flood waters are left for another time.