Troopers: Bicyclist Runs a Red Light, Gets Hit by SUV in Sparks

photo courtesy of Nevada Highway Patrol
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A Sparks man was hit by an SUV Monday morning after he attempted to run a red light on his bicycle.

It happened shortly before 6 am, troopers from the Nevada Highway Patrol were dispatched to a collision involving a bicyclist and a SUV at the Intersection of E. McCarran Blvd and Glendale Avenue in Sparks.

The preliminary details of the crash indicate that 60-year-old John Guthrie of Sparks was riding his bicycle east bound on Glendale Ave and was stuck by a blue 2003 GMC Yukon that was heading northbound in the left travel lane on E. McCarran Blvd at the intersection, driven by 26-year-old Raul Garcia-Luna from Sparks.

An independent witness to the crash told troopers at the scene that Guthrie had attempted to proceed through the intersection on a red light.

Guthrie sustained moderate injuries after being struck by the SUV and was taken by ground ambulance to Renown Regional Medical Center.

Garcia-Luna did not sustain any injuries.

Two northbound lanes were temporarily closed immediately following the crash for emergency vehicles and for troopers to complete their on-scene portion of the crash investigation. The entire intersection was cleared about 6:50 am and Guthrie was subsequently cited at the hospital for running a red traffic light and for not having lights on his bicycle.

As a reminder, cyclists need to obey all of the rules of the road which apply to motor vehicles. Here are a few traffic safety tip reminders for cyclists especially given the fact daylight hours are diminishing as we transition from the fall to winter months:

• Never ride against traffic and always pay attention to your surroundings
• When making a right or left turn at a controlled intersection, cyclists must come to a complete stop for a stop sign or red signal light
• Pay extra attention to motorists entering from an adjacent street or driveway as they may not see cyclists
• Scan the road behind you and constantly monitor vehicular traffic
• Use hand signals to let motorists know your intentions when turning, slowing, or transitioning lanes
• Make eye contact with drivers
• Always use lights at night and be certain your bike has reflectors
• Always wear a helmet for safety
• Choose the best way to turn left – There are two choices: (1) Like an auto: signal to move into the left turn lane and then turn left. (2) Like a pedestrian: ride straight to the far side crosswalk. Walk your bike across.