Guilty Verdict for Three Men Charged in Beating Death

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UPDATE: A Washoe County jury found all the defendants guilty of second-degree murder Wednesday, December 12. They will be sentenced January 24th.


RENO, NV - Opening statements took place in Washoe District Court on Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors showed a Damonte Ranch High School graduation picture of Jared Hyde. They also showed photos of how the 20-year-old looked at the hospital just after he was beaten at a party.

That party took place on February 4, 2012 at a motocross track in Lemmon Valley. Hyde had shown up with a few friends. A fight between two girls broke out and it escalated with more people getting involved in the brawl. Hyde was punched and ended up getting beaten so badly, he had stopped breathing by the time his friends drove him to the hospital. The trauma surgeon who saw Hyde was among the witnesses prosecutors called up.

Another doctor told the jurors that it was bleeding into the brain caused by blunt force trauma that led to Hyde's death.

The three men accused in the murder are Andrue Jefferson, Robert Schnuringer, and Zachary Kelsey.

A Washoe County Sheriffs detective also testified that investigators had interviewed dozens of witnesses at that party, but the defense attorneys questioned how accurate eyewitness reports could be when people were drunk at the party and it was not well-lit.

The trial continues on Wednesday.