Time-Line Released of IHOP Massacre in Carson City

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Below are highlights from what is considered to be the 'largest single shooting incident to occur in Carson City history.'

the Carson City Communications (Dispatch):

8:58:24 am: Carson City Sheriff and Fire Communications (Dispatch) receive first call (all 911 lines subsequently were at full capacity)

8:58:58 am:First CCSO unit dispatched (within 34 seconds after first call received request that all available units respond

9:02:30 am: Carson City Fire Department dispatches three initial units; advised to stage nearby for safety

9:03:06 am: CCSO units arrive and secure scene

9:04:35 am: CC Fire Dep. Requested at least two Care Flight Medical Helicopters

9:04:35 am: CCSO allows CCFD to enter IHOP Restaurant

9:06:24 am: Shooter down in parking lot next to blue van (later determined to be from self-inflicted gunshot wound)

9:07:30 am: First CC fire units on scene; advise of multiple victims

9:07:48 am: CC Fire Dept requested add’l 4-5 ambulances

9:08:28 am: CC Fire Dept advise there are 7 gunshot victims inside IHOP restaurant

9:09:53am: All 3 Care Flight helicopters enroute (from Reno, Gardnerville, Truckee)

9:10:39am: CC Fire Dept requests add’l medical helicopter from CalStar (CA)

9:28:46 am: Dispatch notified that one helicopter had arrived, loaded and was heading back to Reno (Renown); second and third helicopter waiting to land; fourth helicopter cancelled

9:31:53 am: Requested Chaplain and psychologist enroute

9:52:35 am: Seelinger Elementary School lockdown lifted (went into effect immediately when 911 calls where received)

10:59:09 am: Renown provides phone numbers for victim info (982-6870) and family inquiries (982-6060)

12:25:39 pm: 3 patients transported by Care Flight; 3 patients transported by ground ambulance

12:48:24 pm: IHOP President arrives at CCSO; directed to scene

Sheriff Furlong says that he believes this is the largest single shooting incident to occur in Carson City history.

A press conference is scheduled for, Wednesday morning, 9 a.m. where it is expected the names of the victims will be released at that time.