Thrift Store Helps Local Charities

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RENO, Nev. -- The holidays can put a lot of people on a tight budget, but a thrift store is offering a way to cut the costs and it all goes toward a good cause.

During the holiday season, there are a few guarantees: baked goods, Christmas decorations and ugly sweaters.

"It's every year. They have the Santa Crawl, they have parties, I've had multiple parties come in looking for sweaters," said Gerry Harvey, Savers retail manager.

If you don't have one already, it doesn't take much effort to create your own and there is no wrong way to do it.

"You have to be wild. I mean if you really want to make it tacky and stand out, you have to have an imagination and just know that anything will work," Harvey said. "There's nothing bad about an ugly Christmas sweater; it's supposed to be ugly."

Whether they're fun holiday sweaters, electronics or even accessories, you can donate them all year round and it will all benefit the local chapter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada and the Friends of National Mutliple Sclerosis Society in Reno.

"We weigh the items that you bring in and we pay them for every pound that you bring so they put that money back into the program. It helps fund what they're looking for."

Thrift stores, like Savers, make it easy to find what you're looking for without breaking the bank, but they all need donations in order to function properly.

"You can buy a lot of items here than you're going to find at any of those big box stores and or the mall per se; you can find new items here as well," Harvey said.

Savers accepts any donations excluding large appliances, which include washers and dryers. When you donate, you also get a tax benefit.

"We have a huge family, 13 grandchildren, and lots of greats so i find bargains," said Gay Porter, a Savers customer. "Besides it's fun; you can find anything here."

Savers has two locations in northern Nevada; the Reno location is on 3800 South Kietzke Lane in Reno and the Sparks location is on 2350 Oddie Blvd.