Three Bound for Carson in McCune Killing; Truck Found

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Three suspects in the death of Nevada's Chief Insurance Examiner are back in Carson City.

Makyla Blackmore, Anthony Elliott also known as Tony Morris and Raul Garcia had an early morning appearance before a Las Vegas judge--a legal formality before they were turned over to Carson City Sheriff's deputies for the long drive back.

The three had been held since their arrest in Las Vegas Saturday, They had been identified, we've learned, after they pawned items taken from William McCune's Carson City apartment and had been caught on security camera video attempting to use his credit card.

A fourth suspect, 23 year old Michael Paul Evans, was arrested in Carson City. His arraignment has been set for Wednesday afternoon.
No dates have been set for the other three. All have been charged with murder and burglary.

Police believe they killed McCune at his north Carson apartment as part of a scheme to gain money for drugs, then wrapped his body in a blanket and dumped it into the Carson River east of town.

Results of the autopsy, including cause of death, have not been released, but investigators say the interior of McCune's apartment indicated a violent struggle.

Forensic experts are still processing evidence found there and they now have McCune's pickup to examine.

The 2000 Dodge Dakota which had been missing was found yesterday near Holbrook Junction in Douglas County. What it might yield isn't known. It's not believed to have been used in transporting the body.

According to Carson residents we've talked with, the four defendants were part of a group of local teens and young people known to hang out together.

Garcia and Blackmore have no criminal record. Evans and Morris were well known to local authorities.

It's believed they had had some prior contact with McCune. What brought a respected, well-paid, senior state worker and two young men with a troubled record together is unclear.