Thousands Call Governor on Guns Bill

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RENO -- Governor Brian Sandoval's office has received thousands of phone calls about a bill dealing with background checks for gun-buyers, according to a spokesperson for Sandoval.

Mary-Sarah Kinner said the office received roughly twenty-two hundred calls during regular hours Wednesday. The calls have prompted Sandoval's office to set up an automated phone system for people to weigh in. "If you are calling to vote in support of senate bill 221 please press one, if you are calling to vote against senate bill 221 please press two, all other callers please press three and you will be transferred to the receptionist," a recording states.

The bill cleared the legislature with Democratic support. Sandoval's office has said he intends to veto the measure. Sandoval, a Republican, has until next Friday to decide what to do with the bill. The measure would increase the instances when a background check must be performed on a gun-buyer. Supporters say the bill closes loopholes and will help prevent prohibited people from getting guns at gun shows. Critics say the bill is a burden to gun-owners and still doesn't close all loopholes.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the NRA have urged people to contact Sandoval's office.

Kinner said of the twenty-two hundred callers most -- more than seventeen hundred -- have urged Sandoval to veto the bill.

The bill cleared the legislature Monday, which was the final day of the regular session.