Terminal and Vassar Back Open After Flood Destroys Ferrari

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RENO, NV- The intersection of Terminal and Vassar Street in Reno is back open after flash flooding closed it Thursday night.

Reno police say drainage ditches needed time to catch up with all of the extra water from the rainstorm.

Earlier in the evening, cars living a Hot August Nights event tried to drive down the street. At the time, there was only about 6 inches of water on the road, but as they traveled, water rose quickly.

Eventually, the man holes on the road popped out of the ground and water rose to three feet within 5 minutes. A Mercedes, a Mustang GTO and a Ferrari were caught in the mix. The Mercedes and the Mustang were able to get to higher ground, but the brand new, custom made, $500,000 Ferrari was overcome with water.

It's owner said the water flowed over the windows and into the cabin of the car, eventually shorting out the electrical system.