The Pressures of Valentine's Day

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RENO, Nev. -- Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to love, but it can also be one of the most stressful holidays of the year for couples and singles. Therapist, Tom Lavin gives advice on how to make the hyped up holiday a little less stressful.

According to Time Magazine, last year, more than $400,000,000 were spent on gifts, cards and flowers, but what is the perfect Valentine's day gift.

Some people want cookies or dinner at an elegant restaurant, but Valentine's Day is often criticized as one of the most commercialized holidays of the year.

"I think if the state of your relationship is dependent on what kind of gift you get the other person then i think you have bigger problems than what's going on," Mark Albers, UNR student said.

Finding that perfect gift could easily be judged as the degree of love you have for a significant other, which puts a great deal of pressure on a relationship.

Tom Lavin, a Psychotherapist says society places unrealistic expectations on us.

"There is no perfect gift. When we're talking about love, that's very deep and very complex and it's a form of communication, but it's important for people to be thinking about what can [we] do to let people know that [we] love them.

Expressing love is difficult, but the secret is learning the right love language.

There are five types: Words of affirmation, quality time, exchanging gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

"We all want to know that someone gets us for who we are someone who likes us for who we are, someone who loves and respects us for who we are," Lavin said.

Amanda Santos and Chris Lopez have been dating for seven years and understand what it really means to be committed to one another.

"When you've been together for this long just the thought of being together and getting to hang out with each other is really all that matters at this point," Santos said.

For those who don't have that special someone this year, Lavin says be yourself and the cosmos will take care of the rest. Become the person you want to become and you will attract the right person in your life.

"It's just what you make of it and there's no reason to be mad at people who are in love just because you may not be in that point in time," Albers said.

To find your love language, click on the link below.