The Cost Of A Trustee Recall

RENO, NV - “There are consequences to your actions,” testified one man during the public hearing at the school board Tuesday.

Washoe County School Board trustees were scolded repeatedly at their monthly meeting by residents upset with their move just one week ago.

That move--remove superintendent Pedro Martinez from office.

And for many of those who testified, there is only one recourse.

”You've upset the community, and the community is not going to stand for it. And I'm going to be part of that effort,” said Perry DiLoreto, a local developer.

“I just, I want a recall actually. Thank you very much,” said Theresa Navarro, another to testify in favor of Martinez.

Threats of a recall were not uncommon.

But before anyone is removed from office, a committee to recall the public officer must be set up and filed with the Registrar of Voters office.

The committee will have 90 days to collect signatures from 25% of the number who actually voted in the district where and when the representative was elected.

In terms of recalling a trustee, the registrars office says that means about 2,000 signatures per trustee.

The petition must be handed in to the registrars office--complete or not.

If all required signatures are verified by the registrars and the secretary of state's office, a special election will be called--but that process will take more than a month.

Voters will be asked to select 'for recall" or "against recall."

If a person decides to run against the current trustee during a recall, he or she must gather signatures on a nominating petition, ideally at the same time the recall petition is circulating.

If successful, the name will appear separately on the ballot with no political party included.

A simple majority on those ballot measures either together or separately is all that is needed to pass.

Washoe County's Registrar of Voters says it will cost taxpayers more than $300,000 to put on such a recall election.