The Capture Of Jeremy Morales

Jail Escapee Jeremy Morales

It's a calm afternoon at the Armstrong home at Moundhouse.

From the backyard you can see the mountain range and highway that leads up to Virginia City where, just two weeks ago, Jeremy Morales pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a minor---and soon escaped from the Storey County Jail.

“ My husband and I kind of looked at each other and we were uncomfortable, so we really beefed things up, and we're pretty beefed up” says Jeannie Armstrong.

Armstrong says a back door that many times was left unlocked is no longer, and the news that Morales is back in custody eases her mind.

“ She said I just got a phone call, and this guy says he's between American Flats and Moundhouse,” says Sargent Melanie Keener when talking about the dispatcher who came in to find her yesterday afternoon.

Sargent Keener had led the investigation and arrested Morales in Reno.

His escape just before sentencing was upsetting.

For the two weeks she and others in the department scoured the area just west of Virginia City in the American Flats area but came up empty handed.

That was until yesterday afternoon.

“He was down there, in some bushes right next to the water there,” Keener says as she shows the exact place where Morales was found.

Sargent Keener says Morales looked 15 pounds lighter, and she took pictures of his feet on her cell phone where you can see he used duct tape and shredded material to protect them.

She says it was Sheriff Gerald Antinoro himself who tracked Morales, pulled him from the bushes, and eventually had him transported to Northern Nevada Correctional Center for medical treatment.

Morales will stay at Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City until Friday where he will be transferred to Storey County for sentencing.

He will come back here and start serving that sentence, charges for escaping are pending.

Morales is being treated at Northern Nevada Correctional Center for dehydration.