Terror in Two Cities: New Details Revealed in Weekend Crime Spree

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We're learning more about that night of violence over the weekend - when police say a group of armed thieves took to the streets to terrorize two communities. It started with wallet snatching and ended in murder.

"You feel vulnerable like someone just did something to your family and there's nothing you can do about it. Kind of makes you pretty mad," says Jonah Wungnena, a Carson City resident.

He still can't believe what he saw inside his home Saturday night, when a group of thugs beat up his teenage son and his friend.

"Guys came up with three guns and smacked them around and said drop everything. They pulled their cell phones out and took everything they had," he says.

That assault was just one in a night of terror, caused by four suspects from Reno. Luis Sanchez, Jacob Sanchez, Aurora Rodriguez-Perez, and a 13-year-old boy are all behind bars for the Saturday night crime spree that began in Reno.

Detectives say in three hours, the suspects committed five crimes.

"And what's becoming apparent is with each crime, it escalated in violence," says Kenneth Furlong, Carson City Sheriff.

The crime spree started in Reno around 9:30 Saturday night. That's when police say the four suspects brandished a gun and held up a man near Virginia Lake. They took his money.

Then they hopped into a white sedan and drove to Carson City. They went to the WalMart of Market Street and shoplifted booze around 11pm. From there, they headed to North Roop Street and College Parkway, where they robbed a man at gunpoint on the sidewalk at 11:15.
The next incident happened near the Camp 'N Town RV Park in North Carson where a shot was fired at 11:40.

Two minutes later is where police say the suspects attacked Jonah Wungnena's son and another juvenile and robbed them at gunpoint on the 18-hundred block of North Peters.

"It's senseless. there is no sense for this to have taken place," says Carson City Sheriff Kenneth Furlong.

But the suspected criminals weren't done. Detectives say they drove back to Reno, where all of the suspects are from. It was on the 500-block of California around 12:30 am on Sunday when they tried to steal a woman's purse. That's when Steven Gale tried to fight them off and was shot and killed.

"We will talk a lot about motive. Thank God I don't know what their motive is. My motive is to put them away forever," says Sheriff Furlong. "It's an act of domestic terror."

The suspects walked into the Reno Police headquarters Monday morning after surveillance photos of them in the Wal Mart parking lot surfaced. Police say the suspects showed up to clear their names, but detectives weren't buying their story. The suspects are charged with armed robbery but more charges are expected as the murder investigation continues.

Police say they don't know why the suspects chose to hit Carson City. They think it was chosen at random, just like their alleged victims.