Teenager, Neighbors Save Mother from Violent Domestic Dispute, Murder Plot

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SPARKS, Nev -- A teenage daughter and neighbors helped save a woman who was being beaten and stabbed during a domestic dispute Saturday in Sparks.

It started just before noon inside a trailer at a mobile home park at 501 El Rancho. Sparks police say Jose "Alfredo" Rios-Gomez, 37, and his wife were in the process of separation and had been arguing about the break-up and child custody arrangements.

Their teenaged daughter says she heard her mother screaming for help from the couple's bedroom and, despite the door being locked, forced her way through the door and found Rios-Gomez on top of his wife beating her. The daughter then tackled Rios-Gomez and the mother got away and ran outside for help.

That's when Rios-Gomez ran after her and pinned her to the ground in front of a neighbor's trailer. He then punched and stabbed the woman while she begged him to stop.

At that time, the neighbor came out of his trailer and hit Rios-Gomez in the head and held his arms back until police arrived.

Sparks police tell KOLO 8 News Now, "Rios-Gomez explained to investigators that he planned to kill his wife." Rios-Gomez further explained that he had told their children to leave the home that morning but the teenaged daughter refused to go. Investigators say, "Rios-Gomez explained in detail how he planned to carry out his intention to kill his estranged wife and his plans to end his own life after killing her."

The victim was taken to the hospital, treated for her injuries - which included non-life-threatening cuts and puncture wounds - and was released. She is now in an undisclosed location for her own safety. Sparks police did not release any information on the conditions or locations of the children.

Rios-Gomez faces Attempted Murder and Domestic Battery with a Deadly Weapon charges.