Teen Says Facebook Page Used to CyberBully

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FALLON -- A Fallon woman says police are investigating after her daughter, and other Northern Nevada women, were cyberbullied on a Facebook page. Her 19-year-old daughter said the page said "what they did to me in the back of McDonald's and none of the stuff is true and it just hurt really bad."

"I think somebody got really mad and started doing this stuff to hurt other people because they felt bullied," she said.

She said the page had been taken down, but kept re-appearing.

Her mother, a Fallon resident, said: "It was very hurtful and the most hurtful part was my daughter got hurt out of this."

Facebook emailed a statement which said it encourages users to report content that may violate its policies.

"The person who said they gave her ruffies I believe there will be charges filed that's what I believe the police department is going to do they are very concerned about that," the mother said.

You go to Hot Topics to report Facebook content.