Technical Difficulties Cause Headaches for Nevada Fans Trying to Watch Game

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RENO, Nev. -- Technical difficulties caused headaches for Nevada football fans.

Saturday's game between Nevada and UNLV in Las Vegas was supposed to be broadcast on a special Charter Cable channel. However, from the very start of the football game the channel displayed only a message stating, "We are currently experiencing difficulties with the reception of the video signal from this event. We are working to restore the signal as soon as possible."

Football fans across northern Nevada called Charter in attempts to find out why the problem occurred and how to fix it. At least one local business that was scheduled to show the game on big-screen TVs switched over to ESPN radio in an attempt to provide their customers with some kind of coverage.

Charter Cable spokesman John Miller tells KOLO 8 News Now that Charter was "experiencing technical issues with the satellite video signal sent to [them] from the site of the game." He also said that because the game was scheduled to air on an unused Charter channel, it was being provided to viewers for free. No rebate, refunds, or credits will be provided.

As for the actual football game, despite an early deficit, Nevada came back strong in the second half to beat UNLV 42 to 37.