Tax on Admissions-Entertainment Debated

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RENO -- State legislators are discussing an entertainment-admissions tax that would have you paying more for a wide range of activities in the state. An eight percent tax would apply to almost anything that requires a membership or a ticket. Movie tickets, gym memberships, greens fees at golf courses and ski tickets would all be taxed.

Currently, many special events are subject to a live entertainment tax. There are many exemptions. An assembly bill would close those loopholes, while expanding what is subject to the tax.

A similar measure failed to make it out of the legislature ten years ago. The latest proposal may not have good chances with Governor Brian Sandoval promising a veto.

"(Theater tickets) are expensive enough as it is, after you pay for the popcorn and all that I think they should make it more affordable," a Reno resident said.

However, others said if the funding was for education, they wouldn't mind the tax.