Task Force: Arm School Personnel

RENO, NV - In Washington on Tuesday, an NRA Task Force released a more than 200-page proposal on how all schools in our country could be safer. It should come as no surprise, those recommendations include having trained and armed personnel at every school. The report says a model training program will provide a 40-to-60-hour training course for school staffers, and extensive background checks on those staffers to carry guns to class.

These recommendations are the recommendations of the task force. This is our report and the NRA will separately go over the report and respond to it,” said Asa Hutchinson with the task force.

The report backs off the NRA's initial suggestion of having former policemen protect schools.

The report, called “The National School Shield” now recommends training teachers and others so they can carry guns to school.

Hutchinson also advised school districts to examine the School Shield proposals so that they can find ideas to make schools safer.

“Little disappointed because I don't know how much research they did put into this. A lot of things they are suggesting, if they took a look at our county at our school district, we are doing a lot of the stuff already,” says Mike Mieras, Chief of Police with Washoe County School District.

The report says schools should absorb the cost of additional security measures like cameras and bullet proof glass.

But added there is money to be found in federal Homeland Security Funding.

Homeland Security along with the Department of Justice and the Education Department the report said should work closer together on this issue.

It's unclear if any of those agencies would endorse teachers armed while in schools.

Chief Mieras does not.

“No... in our community there is an awful lot of law enforcement watching and monitoring our schools,” says Chief Mieras.

This debate is not going away anytime soon as a gun-related bill is expected to hit the Senate Floor next week.

And don't expect many local parent, faculty associations to enter the fray either as their efforts are directed to solely improving the classroom.

At least that's what the President of the PFA from Jessie Beck explained to us.

“Our mission statement as a PFA is to enhance and enrich the learning experience of kids as Jessie Beck. So we get involved in buying the smart boards and fund raising and things like that. But when it comes to political issues we just steer clear of it,” says Derek Vogel, President of the PFA at Jessie Beck.