Target: Don't Open That E-Mail

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Did you get an e-mail from Target? Don't open it. Last week, the retailer sent out a massive e-mail blast to its customers offering free credit monitoring. The e-mail, in response to the hack compromising the credit and debit card information of roughly 70 million people. But Target says scammers are sending out identical e-mails.

The Target e-mails went to customers whose personal information was in the Target database. Cyber thieves penetrated the records during the holiday shopping season breach and stole information like names, phone numbers and email addresses. The full extent of the hacking is still under investigation.

Target says its identified and stopped at least 12 scams that went out to its customer's e-mails and Facebook pages. But it says there are likely more out there. The company is warning people not to open any e-mail that looks like it came from Target.

If you already opened an e-mail from Target, the retailer is asking that you go back and check the link embedded in the e-mail and make sure it really did come from the company. If it didn't, that means you gave your personal information to an external website. And you need to act now. Get a copy of your credit report, check your bank and credit card activity on a daily basis and call the credit reporting agencies to tell them what happened.