Talking about Safety With Your Kids

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An apparent violent attack and abduction in San Diego has left parents everywhere stunned, and wondering: "could something have been done to prevent it?" Would you be able to spot the warning signs if a family inappropriately targeted your child. You may be able to find help as close as your kid's school.

"It's very important not to blame," says Katherine Loudon, Director of Counseling for Washoe County School District. She says, while we ask ourselves if something could have been done to prevent the actions of suspected murderer and kidnapper James DiMaggio, it's important to remember the family involved are victims. She says despite the horrific details, your kids will likely see the media surrounding the multi-state Amber Alert, and this could be a good tool to start a conversation.

"It's a chance for us to sit with our children and say look, these are all the different things that you can do," she says. In the case of Hannah Anderson, she reportedly told friends that DiMaggio made her feel uncomfortable. Often though, handling concerns about a family friend can be difficult. Loudon says if you are struggling with suspicious or questions, there is help available for you and your teen.

She says you can get help through your school counselor, law enforcement or even your family doctor. You can also get help in the privacy of your own home by checking out the links below.