Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge: Majestic Views

Destination of the Majestic Views Challenge-Site #3
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Talk about living up to its name! KOLO 8 News Now is a proud supporter of the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge, and has recruited a team that will visit each one of the highlighted sections this summer.
The Majestic Views Challenge for example is certainly worth the trip. Check out what Pat Hambright found when he visited this stretch of trail over the 4th of July holiday weekend:

July 7th 2013
Kingsbury Grade, NV
After a trail run, and group hike with youngsters, I decided for a more traditional trek for the Majestic Views Challenge-Site #3. This time accompanied by my two teenage sons for a straight forward hike to the Castle Rock Vista.
As with any teenager, getting them ON to the trail is harder than the hike itself, but I was pleasantly surprised to see they were looking forward to a chance to spend a little time with Dad. From the start it was clear this would be an enjoyable section of trail, winding among boulders with ample stands of manzanita, fields of wildflowers and plenty of shade from the ponderosa pines.
Shortly after we started we rounded a bend that offered a great view of the lake, and our destination, Castle Rock. We could see that in order to get there we would be heading downhill, which meant of course uphill on the way back!
Our connector trail intersected with the main Tahoe Rim track offering us a opportunity to see just how immense the entire trail system is, mileage markers pointing out Tahoe City was this way...73 miles! Our destination though was back toward south shore, and you could see that this stretch was popular with mountain bikes.
Wide banked corners, prepared terrain features, even balancing logs for the better riders. It looked fun, and did nothing to take away from our enjoyment of simply hiking it.
After a good mile of gradual downhill, we came to the intersection with the Castle Rock Vista trail. From here it was up, and gradually more technical, until we reached a point where you needed to scramble hand over hand to get a clear view of the lake...but what a view.
This is what hiking at Tahoe is all about! Only thing I might do differently when I visit again, is bring my mountain bike.

A winding trail, wildflowers and shade from ponderosa pines. It doesn't get much better than this especially with an epic view of Lake Tahoe at the end!