Tahoe Rim Challenge: Lake and Sierra Vistas Challenge

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KOLO 8 News Now is a proud supporter of the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge.
A team of our employees has signed up to tackle the six challenge sections this year, to help raise awareness of one of our regions finest hiking trails.
One of those sections begins near the heart of the South Shore, underneath the famous Heavenly Gondola.
It is the Lake and Sierra Vista Challenge-Site #1, beginning at the new Van Sickle Bi-State Park, straddling the California-Nevada stateline.
Here is what KOLO 8 News Now's Pat Hambright had to say about this section of trail as he led a group hike over the holiday weekend:

July 6th, 2013
Van Sickle Bi-State Park
Stateline, NV
The lure of a waterfall helped me sell the idea of a group hike to our family who had gathered for the 4th of July holiday, and the fact that the trail head was feet away from the Gondola area of South Lake Tahoe clenched the deal.
This section of the Tahoe Rim Challenge is relatively short, only 2 and half miles, but it does provide an option of going further and higher, as it climbs to meet the main trail.
Our goal today though was the waterfall on Edgewood Creek and the views of the stateline area and south shore.
As you leave the Van Sickle Bi-State Park parking lot the trail climbs quickly, and through an area with several connecting paths, so it is nice to find the main branch is well marked with frequent arrows as you wind between trees and boulders.
Soon though you climb out of the trees and into the fire scar of the Gondola fire, some of the scorched trees still standing right along the trail itself.
The absence of forest through here is nice as you turn to gaze out over the lake, but the combination of a steady climb and hot temperatures took its toll on our younger hikers, so bring plenty of water even though it's short "mileage wise".
Finally the payoff, a delightful little waterfall that cascades through the brush above the trail, and into a nice little pool below it.
Perfect place for a group photo and snack stop.
Couple of notes, first make sure you wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, there are a lot of ruts and rocks that can easily trip you up if you aren't paying attention to the trail.
And since this is a multi-use connector for the Tahoe Rim Trail, and its very close to the stateline area hotels, expect it to be busy with hikers, walkers, dogs and mountain bikes.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe as seen from Tahoe Rim Trail Connector above Van Sickle Bi-State Park