Tahoe Businesses Report Busy Memorial Day

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TAHOE CITY, CA - They say it's the busiest Memorial Day weekend they have seen in years. Tahoe City community leaders Monday were very happy with how many people visited this weekend after a very quiet winter season.

They say what was really great about this weekend was the weather. The sun was shining and temperatures stayed in the mid-70s, making it one of the nicest memorial days this area has seen in many years.

"People you can see are out paddle boarding today--standup paddle boarding. They're kayaking, people have their boats. It's a big weekend to dump the boats in the lake," said Gary Davis, President of the Tahoe City Downtown Association.

The long weekend brought lots of extra people to the lake and a much-needed boost to the economy.

"Since we did have a slower winter, summer is hoping to pick up for us and we are really excited about it," said Stacie Lyans, Executive Director of the Tahoe City Downtown Association.

If they weren't on the lake, they were on the river.

"Usually it's cold and snowy... or the river is not high enough yet," said Richard Courcier, owner of Truckee River Rafting, saying this is the earliest he's been able to put boats in the water in years.

"This is getting a great early start and then after this holiday it will slow up for two weeks. We'll get a lot of other little projects done, but then yeah. It's going to be good," said Courcier.

Just about everyone in Tahoe City understands tourism this summer is important because the winter was so quiet. The hope is that the crowds stick around for the rest of the summer. Especially the important holiday weekends.

"There is a lot of uptick we think for this summer; we think it is going to be a big summer at the lake and reservations tend to point in that direction so far," said Davis.

An indicator of how many new people were in the area this weekend, the North Lake Tahoe Visitors Center said it was the busiest weekend they have ever seen. They estimate about a thousand people came through ask for information on what to do in the area.