TMWA Warns Public of Scam Involving Threat to Disconnect Water Service

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RENO, NV - The Truckee Meadows Water Authority is warning the public of a scam that involves a person identifying themselves as a TMWA employee who threatens to disconnect a customer's water service.

According to an official with TMWA, a person called at least one customer claiming to be an employee of TMWA.

The official says the person threatened to disconnect the customer's water service if a money order or cash payment wasn't made immediately.

The person instructed the customer to call 805-308-4820, ext-201 with payment arrangements, according to the TMWA official.

The official says TMWA occasionally calls customers who are delinquent on their bills, however, payments are not solicited over the phone adding that the only phone number to pay over the phone is TMWA’s main line 834-8080, option #1.

If you receive an unsolicited call asking for a payment on your TMWA account, you should take down the phone number, refuse to make a payment and call local law enforcement or TMWA at 775-834-8080.