Suspect in Nugget Shooting Takes Stand

RENO, NV - The defendant in the Street Vibrations shooting at John Ascuaga's Nugget is testifying. The defense called Ernesto Gonzalez to the stand Monday morning.

Gonzalez, a member of the Vagos motorcycle club from San Jose, is accused of killing San Jose Hells Angels President Jeffrey Pettigrew during a fight at the Nugget in September 2011.

Gonzalez described that night he said he saw the fight break out unexpectedly. He testified he went to the dance floor and found a gun on the counter, and put it in his pants. Then, he told the jury, he walked back through the dance hall and saw Pettigrew and his companion Caesar Villagrana kicking a fellow Vagos member.\

Gonzalez says he shot the gun several times, hoping to hit one of the two Hells Angels. He says after the incident, he left the casino and threw the gun away.

Gonzalez has yet to face cross-examination by the prosecution.