Suspect Arrested in Parking Lot Armed Robbery

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SPARKS, Nev. Shortly after 1 pm Tuesday, the Sparks Police Department received a call of an Armed Robbery in the parking lot of Baldini's casino located at 865 S. Rock Blvd.

Witnesses described a Hispanic male, later identified as suspect Juan Arrellano-Guerrero, who was being chased by another male westbound on Glendale Ave towards Reno.

According to the victims, two adult males, as they approached their van parked in the West parking lot, they realized Arrellano-Guerrero was inside robbing them. Arrellano-Guerrero was placing items in a backpack. The victims confronted him and at this point Arrellano-Guerrero produced a pocket knife, opened it and held it up to the victims in a threatening manner.

The victims began striking Arrellano-Guerrero in an attempt to defend themselves and detain him. Arrellano-Guerrero broke away and ran westbound on Glendale towards Reno. The victims caught up to him and Arrellano-Guerrero again produced the knife from his pocket and again ran westbound. It was at this point that a uniformed officer saw Arrellano-Guerrero attempt to hide from him in some bushes.

The officer held him at gunpoint until other officers arrived and together they took Arrellano-Guerrero into custody without incident.

The victims positively identified Arrellano-Guerrero as the suspect in the Armed Robbery/Burglary and they also identified the knife that was located as the one used in the crimes.

Arrellano-Guerrero was arrested and booked. He is being held on the charges of Armed Robbery and Burglary and his bail was set at $60,000.00

If you have any information related to this case please call the Sparks Police Department at 775-353-2231.