Supreme Court Takes No Action in Pregnancy Case

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It's a case which has pro-life advocates across the country watching Washoe District Court.

A local 32-year-old woman is pregnant. Doctors say she has the mentality of a 6-year-old girl, and her life may be at risk if the pregnancy continues.

But her adoptive parents, who are Catholic, say they have the exclusive authority over their daughter's health care decisions, and they want their daughter to have the baby.

Those parents contend the court is trying to force the woman to terminate the pregnancy, and had filed a motion in Nevada Supreme Court hoping to stop further court hearings.

The Supreme Court took no action Monday to stop Tuesday's hearings from happening.

The woman in question was living in a group home when she became pregnant, after repeatedly frequenting a truck stop.

Besides her mental status, she also has other health problems like epilepsy and bi-polar disorder all of which she takes medication for.

In the hearing last week, Judge Egan Walker never mentioned the word abortion, and says the hearings are to establish the health of mother and child.

She is eleven weeks pregnant.