Superhero Crawl Alcohol Sales Compliance Check, 4 Businesses Cited

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RENO, Nev. -- During Saturday night's Superhero Crawl in downtown Reno, Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) conducted an underage alcohol compliance operation at several local restaurants and bars.

Two 19-year-old women volunteered in the operation. They were wearing costumes which did not hide their identities and used their real, state-issued identification cards. The women tried to get into and/or buy alcohol at 26 different venues which were participating in the event and five establishment that were not participating.

In addition to the 19-year-olds attempted to buy drinks, SET detectives conducted alcohol card compliance checks, meaning they verified that employees serving alcohol had completed alcohol awareness training and had their training cards, which is a state requirement.

All of the employees checked had their cards. The women were served alcohol at only four locations, all of which were Superhero Crawl locations.

In addition to the compliance checks, two uniformed officers were patrolling the streets during the crawl to educate people about underage drinking and open container laws. They issued several warnings plus two citations for minors in possession of alcohol and two citations for possessing open containers.

Reno Police Department (RPD) officials issued a statement reminding residents and visitors of the open container laws in Reno, saying "Possession of open alcohol containers is prohibited on city sidewalks/streets, unless a special permit allows for the open containers, which will only be allowed in designated areas."

The compliance check operation was funded by grants from Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN).

The following list was provided by the RPD:

"The following businesses passed the operation:
Chocolate Bar, located at 95 North Sierra St. - non participant
Sierra Tap House, located at 252 West 1st St. - participant
Imperial Bar and Lounge, located at 150 North Arlington - participant
Tonic, located at 231 West 2nd St. - participant
El Cortez bar, located at 239 West 2nd St.- participant
Five Star Saloon, located at 132 West St. - participant
1 Up bar, located at 214 West Commercial Row - participant
3rd Street bar, located at 125 West 3rd St. -participant
Rise, located at 210 North Sierra St. - participant
Stage at the Zone, located inside of Harrah’s Hotel/Casino 219 N. Center St. - participant
Silver Peak, located at 135 North Sierra St. - non participant
West Street Wine Bar, located at 148 West St. - non participant
Biggest Little City Club, located at 188 California Ave. - participant
Little Nugget Casino, located at 233 North Virginia St. - participant
Shooter's Saloon, located at 434 North Virginia St. - participant
Red Rock Studio, located at 241 South Sierra St. - participant
Bar, located at 211 West 1st St. - non participant
Ole Bridge Pub, located at 50 North Sierra St. - participant
Jungle Vino, located at 246 West 1st St. - participant
Se7en, located at 148 West St. - participant
Old Granite Street Eatery, located at 241 South Sierra St. - non participant
Waterfall, located at 134 West 2nd St. - participant
Pizza Reno, located at 26 W. 2nd St. - participant
Rise, located at 210 North Sierra St. - participant
Doc Holliday's, located at 120 East 2nd St. - participant
The Brew Brothers, located inside the El Dorado Hotel/Casino 345 North Virginia St. - participant
1864 Tavern, located at 290 California Ave. - participant

"The following businesses failed the operation by serving alcohol to the minor and received the listed citation:
West 2nd St. bar, located at 118 West 2nd St. - Sales of alcohol to a minor
St. James Infirmary, located at 445 California Ave. - Sales of alcohol to a minor
Whisky Bar, located at 100 North Arlington - Sales of alcohol to a minor
Rum Bullions, located inside the Silver Legacy at 407 North Virginia St. - Sales of alcohol to a minor and Allow minor in alcohol establishment (door person)
The criminal penalty for serving alcohol to a minor, allowing a minor into a bar, and possession of an open container is a misdemeanor, with a predesignated fine of $500.00.
The Reno police department would like to thank the businesses who successfully passed the compliance operation for their diligence and ensuring underage minors were not served alcohol.
The Regional Street Enforcement team is comprised of Detectives from the Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, and the University of Nevada Police Department."