Super Game for Local Sports Books

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"We did good, it was a record handle for us," says Terry Cox, director of the Race and Sports Book at the Peppermill.

It wasn't a surprise with all of those Northern California visitors and Kaepernick's big fan base in Reno, more money was placed on the 49ers at the Peppermill.

"It was pretty good," says Cox, "With the 49ers unfortunately not getting there, obviously, I think it's no secret that it was probably pretty good for us."

The Atlantis also did well, but that's an understatement.

"Most money bet on a Super Bowl in the history of the Atlantis, on the game, on the total of the game and on the proposition bets - especially on Colin Kaepernick," says David Farahi, Chief Operating Officer for Monarch Casino and Resort, Inc. which is the parent company of the Atlantis.

The game may have ended on a low for 49er fans, but that doesn't mean it was a total loss for their fans here in Reno.

"A lot of the people won on all the proposition betting that there is," says Cox. "Because that's one thing. Just because your team lost, doesn't mean you lost on the game. There was still lots of ways to win on this game and a lot of people did."

Including those who participated in a one-of-a-kind "Kap Special" parlay at the Peppermill. Players had to be on all 7 props and get them right to win. Five people did just that, splitting the payout - which ended up being more than $2,000 apiece.

And there were some big winners at viewing parties at the Atlantis. Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones' touchdown in the second half was tough for 49er fans to watch, but it led to three people winning a lot of money at the Atlantis on Sunday. As a promotion, the csino offered $100,000 if a touchdown was made from the kick return at the start of the second half. When Jacoby did just that, three names were drawn from each party the Atlantis was hosting. That meant three people walked away with 100-grand each.

But whether you or your team won or lost, many people agree it was an exciting game to watch.