Sun Valley Neighborhood Back Open After Suspect Found

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RENO, NV - Washoe County sheriff's deputies have reopened a neighborhood after finding a suspect in Sun Valley.

Deputy Armando Avina told KOLO 8 News Now deputies first saw the man while they were responding to another call Tuesday morning, then lost track of him. The man had a warrant out for an "assault with a deadly weapon" charge.

The afternoon search began when a resident got home and found a man in his house, and chased him out.

Deputies blocked off the intersection of Carrol and Gepford Parkway during the search, and the RAVEN helicopter and K9 dogs were involved in the search. The man was found in a trailer and was arrested unarmed and without a problem, according to Avina.

The suspect has been identified as 39-year-old Nathan Walker.

Students from Sun Valley Elementary school were diverted briefly from going home because of the police activity.