Successful Narcotic Detection Largely Credited to K-9 "Tara"

Photo courtesy Mono County Sheriff's Office.
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MONO COUNTY, CA - The success of several combative actions against narcotics in Mono County is largely credited to Tara, a five-year-old narcotic detection K-9.

The Mono County Narcotics Enforcement Team, MONET, is an inter-agency task force with agents representing the Mono County Sheriff's Office and the Mono County District Attorney's Office, according to an official with the Mono County Sheriff's Office.

MONET’s goal is to eliminate and/or reduce controlled substance trafficking in Mono County by means of investigations that ultimately lead to the identification, apprehension, prosecution, and conviction of controlled substance dealers and offenders. During the past year, MONET has had success in working to combat the narcotics problems faced throughout Mono County, according to the official.

Tara is a narcotic detection K-9 who is trained to detect the odor of narcotics, specifically marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and their derivatives.

The official says Tara is trained to alert to the presence of narcotic odor, with her alerts consisting of noticeable changes in behavior with a final response of barking, biting, or scratching at the location of the odor.

Over the past year, Tara has conducted 49 successful vehicle searches; 12 successful building search warrant recoveries; and 12 successful school “sniff” searches. She has successfully recovered over 133 ounces of narcotics off the streets and out of the communities of Mono County, according to the official.

MONET is fortunate to have Tara as a member of the team, saying they look forward to her continued participation as she enters her one-year anniversary.