Students' "Empty Bowls" Help Hungry Families

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RENO, NV -- Students from Reno High School are using pottery to help stop poverty. It was part of their Empty Bowls event Tuesday night, to help the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

For about a month, the sculpture students used their skills to help the growing number of hungry people in northern Nevada.

'It just made me sad and I knew that my students could help, that we could make a difference somehow, someway," Lauren Gandolfo, sculpture teacher, said. "Other than just donating food, we can take the artwork that we made and turn them into something positive."

They got their hands dirty, spinning and molding more than 200 bowls, which for some of them, was their first art piece.

"Even though some of the bowls were like not that great, we put a lot of work into it for a good cause," said freshman Alyza Ventura said.

Each empty bowl you buy can help a hungry family fill their bowls. All the proceeds will go straight to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

"[The students] really do care," said Gandolfo. "I know they can be difficult sometimes, but they have a heart and they want to give and they want to make the world a better place, especially Washoe County."

The food banks feeds about 89,000 people every month, including the 300,000 who live off food stamps in northern Nevada, but it's still not enough.

At the event, not only did $10 dollars get you a handmade bowl to fill with food made by parents and local restaurants, but the satisfaction of a good deed.

"Even if nobody showed up tonight, I think just seeing the kids' faces when they presented their bowls, when they washed them and set them out, they were so proud," said Gandolfo.