String of Burglaries in Sparks

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SPARKS, NV - Sparks police say within the past three weeks, one car and four homes in the same neighborhood have been broken into. The area is near Prater Way and Sparks Blvd. Police suspect that the break-ins are related.

Unlike most burglaries, these took place in the daytime.

"Most people like to feel safe in their own home and have the right to be safe in their own home," Sue, a victim of the burglaries said. "It's kind of icky to think that there are people in there who shouldn't be feel violated."

After getting her house broken into, Sue decided to be proactive and warned about 40 neighbors that this could happen to anyone, even her mail carrier.

"She was asking me about something related and I was like hey that happened to me the other day and she didn't realize I lived around the corner...we were gone for maybe an hour in the morning and just had breakfast...came back and that was pretty much it," Jay Hale, her neighbor and mail carrier said.

One technique that some burglars use is to ring the doorbell several times to see if anyone is home. Often, burglars will go through the back gates of the home's yard, hoping no one will see them.

"The economy is bad so they want to make money fast. it's usually small items that they take like laptops...anything they can carry out fast," Alfred Berumen, a neighbor and a retired cop said.

Police say one of the best ways to keep your home from being broken into is to get to know your neighbors. They suggest starting a neighborhood watch program to show outsiders that someone is always watching.

"Know who lives there, know what cars they drive, know who's coming and going so when you see things that don't fit the normal activity patterns of your neighbors, you could draw that to the attention of the police...when you're friendly with your neighbors, you'll watch out for them and they'll watch out for you," Sue said.