Street Vibrations by the Numbers

RENO, Nev. - Street Vibrations is over for another year, and as the bikers roll out of town, law enforcement officials say this year was a success, thanks to an increase in manpower.

"Being out here,being highly visible, that was our goal this year," Sergeant Joe Robinson of the Reno Police Department said. "Make sure everybody knew the Reno Police Department was down here, and we were going to take action and proactively respond to things. We weren't going to wait for violence to occur."

Sgt. Robinson said the RPD changed their strategy this year, forming partnerships with the City of Reno as well as the casinos, to make sure every part of the event was patrolled.

And the participants took notice.

"The police were present and they were seen," Ron Grado said. Grado has made the trip from California to Reno for Street Vibrations for ten years.

Other participants say this year's event was calmer than year's past.

"I didn't see any fights at all," Chuck Burch said. "I didn't see any issues, any problems. There were people drinking and having fun but no one went too far."

Burch made the 20 hour drive from Montana to attend the annual rally for the second time.

Though participants may not have seen fights, they did happen. Fortunately, a repeat of last year's shooting did not occur.

"We had people consume alcohol during the event, and with that people sometimes get in fights with each other and we handled those when they arose," Sgt. Robinson said.

Nevada Highway Patrol investigated 65 traffic accidents during Street Vibrations. That's down from last year's 84 accidents.

"We haven't seen the large amount of motorcycles coming as as we've seen in years past which has been good as far as our crashes," Sergeant Eddie Bowers of the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

Below are the number of citations and arrests from NHP and Reno police.

Law Enforcement officials are still looking into how many accidents and arrests, including a fatality on Plumb Lane involving a motorcycle and vehicle, are connected to this year's rally.

Over the five day event, the Reno Police Department issued 280 traffic citations. The citations were issued to pedestrians, motor vehicles, as well as motorcycles.

RPD made 21 misdemeanor and 2 felony arrests. Five people were placed in civil protective custody.

The NHP responded to 55 crashes- 35 involved property damage, and 18 were injury accidents.

They also made 54 arrests and 27 of those were DUI's. The other 26 arrests were related to warrants, misdemeanor, or felony.

Source: Nevada Highway Patrol and Reno police.