Street Vibrations Expected to Pump Millions Into Local Economy

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RENO, NV – Street Vibrations is gearing up for its 19th year, and it could pump millions of dollars into our economy. According to producers of Street Vibrations, this year’s event could pump more than $56 million. They anticipate more than 1,000 registered VIP participants this year with more than 29,000 additional motorcycle enthusiasts in town to enjoy the event.

According to a press release, the 2011 Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor’s Authority Visitor Profile Study, the most recent full study posted on the tourism organization website, shows the average daily budget for those who come to Reno is a little more than $614.

Those 1,000 registered participants staying throughout the five-day event could spend approximately $614,000 per day on food, lodging, entertainment and shopping.

Using the 2011 RSCVA Visitor Profile Study daily budget figure for five days, those registered participants could spend $3,070,000. Those making major purchases at the event would spend more.

The other 29,000 motorcycle enthusiasts will traditionally stay in Reno, Sparks and surrounding areas Thursday through Sunday during Street Vibrations®. Based on those RSCVA daily budget figures for visitor spending, the contribution to the local economy from them could be $53,418,000.

That sum, combined with the registered participants who tend to spend more during their longer stay, brings the projected total economic impact for the event to $56,488,000.