Stone House Cafe Burglarized By Burglar Targeting Meat

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RENO, NV -- Employees of the Stone House Cafe are looking for a burglar and he's not your typical thief. For three weeks, a man has been stealing not money, but meat.

Thanks to modern technology, employees were able to capture the burglar's most recent visit, which was Sunday night, all on tape. They've filed a police report, but employees say they still feel violated. They hope making the footage public will help them catch the culprit.

When the chef walked into the freezer one morning, he noticed the lock had been compromised and a good chunk of the meat was missing .

"Our lamb, our sausages, our chorizos, our fillets and our New York, so this guy definitely knew what he was looking for," Cyrina Abawd, general manager of The Stone House Cafe, said.

Thousands of dollars worth of meat down the drain.

"It's a high commodity and it's easy to sell. it's packaged, it's not loose, it's kept intact, they're doing the whole filets," she said.

Abawd says criminal activity in the neighborhood has been minimal since the restaurant opened eight years ago, but now says it feels like someone is watching them.

"It's violating the very place you actually own and work and you think where will they stop, are they gonna stop there or are they going to come into the business and destroy something else?"

The suspect first struck August 4th and based off the surveillance video from Sunday night, he crawls under the fence late at night and breaks into the freezers.

"He uses a shopping cart so he's very sly. He's not schemy, he's very smart whoever he is," she added.

This time, the thief left a piece of evidence behind: a crowbar he used to break the locks.

"He'd be foolish to come back again."

Now, with physical proof of what he looks like, she's asking the public for help.

"I really believe that this person will come back and hopefully with all the help of the public, someone will recognize who this person is and we can stop this."

Abawd has heightened security by attaching sensory alarms on the freezers and installing more cameras. She says she has also moved the meat inside.

If you recognize the burglar or have any information on this case, please call Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.