Stolen Vehicle Case Ends with Woman Swimming to Middle of Marina

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RENO, Nev. -- A Sparks Police Department (SPD) official says the investigation into a stolen vehicle ended with the suspect swimming into the Sparks Marina in an attempt to get away.

It happened just after noon on Saturday, July 27th. Officers responded to the 800 block of Nichols Blvd. for the report of a stolen car out of Washoe County.

They spotted the car in the parking lot of a business and found the suspect, 56-year-old Carol Stotler, on the shoreline of the marina.

When they tried to arrest her, they say she jumped into the water and swam to the middle of the marina while making suicidal statements. The Sparks Fire Department Water Rescue Unit went into the water, pulled her from the water, and drove her to shore where she was arrested.

Stotler was in possession of keys to the stolen vehicle and is facing Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle charges in addition to a previous outstanding Misdemeanor and Felony warrant.