Puppy Stolen During Sunday Night Home Burglary

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RENO, NV -- A burglary in northwest Reno Sunday leaves a family without their best friends, an eight-week-old puppy. They're asking for help to bring him back home because to this family, this puppy was more than a pet.

It was love at first sight when Whitney Harper brought home three-week old Chico, a black lab, rottweiler mix, right before Christmas. It wasn't hard to love the pup, but his stay with the family was short-lived.

"We got a puppy to join our family and kind of complete our family and when we got our puppy, it was ripped away for us," said Harper.

They had left their apartment unlocked Sunday night to watch a football game. However, when they came back, they found their home had been broken into. They found their door wide open and valuables like coin jars and a PlayStation were missing, and so was Chico.

"We actually usually have our door unlocked there's never been a problem like that," said Harper. "My son is super sad about it because that was his buddy. They play outside in the dirt, climb rocks. It became a good friendship."

Their son, Tate Harper, just 18 months old was attached to Chico, but no one was as sad as his three-year-old sister, Trinity, who is blind. She's been suffering with severe Cerebral Palsy since birth.

"They told me she would be a vegetable laying on a bed not do anything, not know who we are, and she does," said Harper.

The Harpers had planned on making Chico a therapy dog for Trinity.

"She would smile when that pup would lay on her lap," she said. "I think dogs can sense good souls and they know that my daughter is a good soul and so he just stayed right by her side all day."

They've posted fliers all around town, checked Craigslist and animal shelters daily, but still need help finding the missing piece to their family. Now, all they want is for him to come home, no questions asked.

"Please someone with a heart just return the dog please! Please, if anyone knows anything, we really just want him back."

Chico is a black lab and rottweiler mix. His fur is completely black and has a black leather studded collar.

If you have seen Chico or have any information to please contact Whitney Harper at (775) 846-4152.