State Officials Break Ground On New Reno Welfare Office

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RENO, NV - State officials broke ground on a new Reno welfare office Wednesday, saying it will mark an increase in service and convenience for those who need it.

State Welfare Administrator says the building will replace the current offices on Kings Row in northwest Reno, where, he says, people often have to stand outside in the weather because there isn't room for them inside.

The extra space may also be needed to handle an increased workload due to plans to expand Medicaid coverage in Nevada.

But the biggest impact may be its location, behind the Reno Town Mall which houses JobConnect, Access to Health Care and a branch of the Washoe County Library.

"It makes more sense to co-locate," says McMahon, "so you can centralize services as much as you can to make it more convenient for the folks that need to access the services."

He also notes the new location has easy access to local bus service.

A new office is also planned for Sparks. A location there has not been determined.