Starving Horses Recover, Need New Homes

YERINGTON, NV - These days the horses are more curious about people than where their next meal is coming from.

All of them have gained between 100-150 pounds a piece.

Four months ago they were walking skeltons.

That's after Lyon County Sheriffs Seized them from a horse rescue operation called Frontier Ranch.

“Oh my god these animals are starving. I felt if I didn't get them out of there, that they were going to die within the week,” says Deputy Josh Barnes who was there at the time the horses were seized.

Since that time Deputy Barnes has spent countless hours looking after the horses welfare.

He has thus far successfully adopted out all but four mares and one stud.

One of the earliest adoptees was Chris Fairbanks who had her eye on one of the most emaciated horses in the group.

You would barely believe it was the same horse from late July.

Chris kept the name Angelica and took another horse, Anastasia as well.

“We should hold this against them. That's the problem. They are not refugees, you know they can come back, and their feet can be fixed, and they can be nice horses I am sure of that,” says Fairbanks.

Those who want to adopt must understand there will be work involved.

The horses need their feet fixed, and you'll have to train them to stand still for the farrier.

They also need vaccinations, and deworming.

And then there's plenty of food, and tender loving care.