Startup Weekend: Build A Business In 54 Hours

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Startup Weekend is a 54-hour business-launching frenzy starting this Friday at the old Southside School here in downtown.

At Startup Weekend community members are challenged to create new businesses in 54-hours while we provide them with everything they need to get the job done (including mentors, coaches, internet, a place to work together, food, you name it).

What kinds of businesses?

Primarily tech focused; so apps, websites, ecommerce and the like, mostly because those are the easiest businesses to start in on weekend.

Okay, so can anybody join? Do I need to know something about techy business or coding?

Not necessarily.

We encourage anyone and everyone with a great idea to stop sitting on it and give it a chance, though we are definitely looking to pull in as many designers, coders, and developers as possible too.

But what if my idea isn’t perfected?
So we understand that business is a process.

Most of the time you can’t just write a 30-page business plan that tells the future with perfect detail.

The truth is that business is a learning experience and things change as soon as you launch your site or open your doors.

You find out that you are targeting the wrong customers, that you need to tweak some details about your product, or even that people have no desire for dirt-flavored candy; who knows.

Using the lean business principles our idea is to help show people how to build, measure, learn and repeat to get it right.

Startup Weekend provides some of that experiential learning in a condensed format, and teams often come out with a lot of momentum.

So give me a run-down of the weekend; what does it look like when I walk in Friday evening?

So on Friday we start with an overview of the weekend, some dinner, and ice-breakers before jumping right in to open-mic-night if you will.

Anyone with a great idea is welcome to get up and give a 30-second pitch about who they are, their idea, why it matters, and who they need to help them out.

From there everyone votes for their favorite ideas and teams form and begin the frenzy of business creation preparing to create their prototypes and minimum viable products for presentation on Sunday evening.

Is there any cost involved?

Startup Weekend IS a global grass-roots non-profit organization, but we do have a modest cost of $99 for the weekend ($49 for students) to participate this weekend.

So how do people register?

Simply visit

Again that is R.E.N.O.-DOT-StartupWeekend-DOT-O.R.G.

And one last time; when is it again?

Friday, February 22nd through 24th at the Old Southside School here in Downtown Reno (next to the discovery museum). 54-hours to start a business.