Star Spangled Sparks Preparations

SPARKS, NV - “Well the funny thing is its just a hobby. Everyone can say they got the best seat in the house. But until they've been here done that, they are lying to you,” says Cory Wilcox, Head Pyrotechnician.

High above Victorian Square in Sparks Cory Wilcox and his roughly 11 assistants have been working for nearly a week on this year's "Star Spangled Sparks" fireworks program.

They work early morning and stop activity during the hottest portion of the day.

All for a 17-minute 4 second show.

“You want to actually hit the emotions of the song. If you have rockets red glare, you don't want to see green or blue, you actually want to see effects going off,” says Wilcox.

The fireworks will go off from the two towers as well as the train yard just behind the resort.

Look for a total of 15,000 rounds before its all said and done.

Wilcox says he's been doing this professionally for 16 years, and during that time he's brought his wife and son Jason into the family business.

“Favorite part of everything I think setting up. You are just like, I did that, I was working all week for that, and its like I did that; hang you hat on it, be proud of it,” says Jason Wilcox .

The Wilcox family knows all too well, what comes up, must come down, only in their world, it does it in the biggest, brightest way ever.

Show organizers ask you to consider taking the shuttle to the event from Legends, near Popeye's to Victorian Square with around the clock service.

They also ask too, that you leave the family dog at home.