Standoff Reveals Suspect Slipped Away from Police

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RENO, Nev. -- Police are still looking for a carjacking suspect after a standoff on the corner of Fourth and Wells.

Police were looking for the man who stole a car at gunpoint from a trailer park in the 6000 block of Pyramid Way. Washoe County's Raven helicopter helped in the search.

Police tracked the stolen vehicle to a live-in motel at 4th and Wells in Reno where they thought he may have been hiding inside an apartment... or in the stolen car.

They surrounded the area hoping to flush him out. But, fearing he may be armed, police evacuated some residents around the units where he could have been be hiding.

After completely searching the area, they were unable to find him and he remains on the loose. He's described as a short over-weight Hispanic male, in his mid-twenties with a black mustache.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Reno Police Department.