St. Marys Had Physician at Reno Air Races

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As the chaos of the mass casualty incident subsides, more stories are coming out from victims. But none may be more sobering than the emergency room physician on site at the time of the accident.

"There is another side to this story," said Kate Grey, Director of Marketing for St Marys. St. Marys was the official medical provider for the air race and had 7 staff members in a medical tent at the time of the accident. They call it a "first aid station," but it is beefed up with staff that included an emergency room physician, a technician and two emergency room nurses.

"Normally people get sunburned and dehydrated because of the altitude and people trip and fall because they are looking up at the sky," Grey said.

You might say that nothing could prepare them for what they saw that Friday September 16th when the Galloping Ghost and its pilot nose dived into a crowd on the ground. But they were prepared.

"In fact they had an hour de-brief earlier in the day about what to do in case of a mass casualty incident," Grey said.

One of those nurses spoke to the media for the first time. Stay tuned to KOLO 8 News Now and as we are working today to bring you the first-hand reports from those first-responders.