St. Paddy's Day Big For Bars, Partiers

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RENO, Nev.-- Throw on some green clothes and get ready to have a fun night St. Paddy's Day festivities are already well underway. Among them restaurants are serving up traditional Irish food and bars are expecting to pour beer well into the night.

For many Irish pubs in Midtown and along Wells Avenue, St. Paddy's is the busiest night of the year. It's the one time of year when we're all a little Irish, even if it's just for the night.

At Ceol, the party started early on Monday, beers were pouring and people lining up even before the lunch-hour.

"It's a festive day. Everybody on St. Patrick's Day is out to have a good time. You know it's a get drunk kind of a day," said Ron McCarty

Ceol is well prepared for the party. In addition to hard liquor, the pub has 77 kegs on standby. That's enough to meet or beat the their 55 keg record from 2 years ago.

"We hope to be the biggest party. That's our goal," said McCarty

To pack more people in Ceol has cleared out all of its tables, brought in extra staff, and there are 16 additional taps so the beer will flow quickly.

Over at rapscallion traditional Irish fare is on the menu. Hundreds are expected to show up for dinner then head to the outdoor beer garden.

"It's the biggest day of the year for us but more than anything, we really take pride in our Irish heritage here at the Rapscallion," said Patrick Dalton, Manager of Rapscallion.

In honor of that of that heritage green beer, Irish stew, clam chowder and corned beef will be popular among Rapscallion's outdoor customers.

"We keep the quality high which I think goes a long way when your having something as simple as corned beef and cabbage. We have a great chef in the kitchen and really it's the place to be tonight," said Dalton.

Around town, other Irish bars like Corigans and Luckee's are expecting crowds of partiers. They're planning to stay open as long as people stick around.

With such a festive atmosphere, it can be easy to over-drink. Police are fully staffed and looking for people who are driving under the influence.

Make sure you have a safe ride home. RTC is offering free bus rides till midnight.
AAA is offer a free tipsy tow service from 6 pm Monday until 6 am Tuesday.