How to Control Springtime Pest Problems

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RENO, Nev. -- As the weather warms up, you may start to get some unwanted guests in your home--ants, spiders and bugs. There are a few ways to protect your home from those pesky crawlers.

Many of us have experienced that moment of fear when we spot a big spider at the corner of our eyes. It will happen a lot this season, a long with finding other unwanted pests invading your home, but it's not just the insects you have to worry about this spring.

When you walk around your house this time of year, you'll start to realize you're not alone. Even our KOLO 8 News Now's producer, Caitlin Filer, has faced her fair share of pest problems.

"As soon as it started getting warm outside, I noticed a trail of ants kind of near the baseboards in my kitchen," she said. "It was right by the screen door in my patio so that's where I think they started coming in."

Desert Roots Pest Control tells KOLO 8 that they are the biggest pests to look out for this year along with spiders and bed bugs.

"Maybe they're finding little scraps of food in my kitchen," Filer said. "Whatever reason they are showing up."

Desert Roots also say the bugs are looking for a food source, like other bugs to eat. The best way to keep them out is to clean up leaf debris from the winter and to spray insecticide around the house and under the porch.

"People need to be aware that they live in a desert and what is attracted to water besides humans who need to stay cool and drink, well, it's going to be bears, it's going to be coyotes, it's gonna be all sorts of wildlife," Nevada Department of Wildlife public information officer, Chris Healy said.

Snakes are especially abundant this time of year, which means you'll need to always keep your pets attended and leave plenty of space between you and the wild animal when you encounter it.

"If you're opening your garage door, you're just not making it easy for you to go in and go out, you're also making it easy for wildlife to come and visit," Healy said.

That's an invitation you don't want to extend. Healy warns that there will be more coyotes out wandering for your unattended pets as well.

"The worst thing people can do is interfere with wildlife and their goings of, so people should enjoy wildlife from a distance."

Healy also says the biggest attraction for snakes are mice, so if you're seeing snakes in your home, you might have a mouse problem.

If you can't afford an exterminator, Desert Roots Pest Control suggests you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any insects, besides ants, because they won't be able to live long in a closed environment.