Springing into Business

RENO, Nev. - A change in the clocks is signaling a change in the weather. Out on the Truckee River Sunday, many people were enjoying the nice weather.

Walking with their dogs, playing Frisbee, or just relaxing with friends, it's plain to see that some are ready for winter to be over.

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, the spring feel is in the air.

"People just get more active," James Bell, owner of Sierra Adventures said. "They want to be outside more."

Sierra Adventures is located on the river next to the movie theaters. Bells says the longer and warmer days are helping to bring in the business.

"We're getting a lot of general questions about kayaking, biking, and raft rentals stuff like that," he said. "This is a great time of year, because you can just about do anything. We can do rafting today, or we can do snow shoeing or snowmobiling today."

But if the outdoor adventure life isn't for you, you can still enjoy the nice weather from the comfort of your own backyard.

"Gardening is perfect for the springtime, because we've all been cooped up all winter and it's time to just let go, be free, be outside, feel the sunshine and get your hands in the dirt," Nikki Boyce, farm manager of River School Farm said.

Boyce suggested looking for drought tolerant plants. If you want to grow your own food, she said try collard greens like bok choy.

The longer days are also helping out local bars along the river.

Scott Gold, a bartender at Imperial Bar and Lounge says the extra daylight at the end of the day makes people want to come out after work.

"People come out later and enjoy the day, and what's better than getting a drink when it's sunny out?"

He also said as the weather gets warmer, more people will be coming to the monthly wine walks which help bring in even more business.