Sparks Woman Gets VIP Ticket to Michelle Obama Event

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RENO, NV -- A Sparks resident who says she's had numerous spinal and medical problems received a VIP ticket to the Michelle Obama rally in Reno Wednesday.

Diana did not wish to have her last name included in this report.

She said she has: nerve root impingement, spinal stenosis, facet arthropathy and SI joint issues, among other problems. She said she began noticing the problems at 19. Now 32, she said the issues have gotten worse and surgery is needed.

"Tricare denied my surgery after proving it with MRIs and my doctors said they are number one in denying surgeries." Diana said.

Diana said she is the mother of four and said her husband is medically retired from the military. She said it has been a struggle with her government health care provider to have the surgery covered.

After hearing of Diana's issues, the Obama campaign gave the Sparks resident VIP tickets to hear from First Lady Michelle Obama.

"The gentleman said there is a possibility I may be able to talk with her that would be the best thing ever."

Due to having to walk with a cane, Diana had to sit farther away in a handicapped section. She said she was still able to shake the first lady's hand. She also gave Michelle Obama's staff a letter detailing her problems, and said she is anticipating a response within a day.

KOLO contacted the office of Governor Brian Sandoval. A spokesperson said someone from the Nevada Office of Veterans Services would get in touch with Diana right away.

"Like Michelle Obama said today it takes just one person who could possibly help somebody," Diana said.