Sparks Police Use Stun Gun to Arrest Man Who Assaulted Officer

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SPARKS, Nev. -- A bizarre series of events ended with officers using a stun gun to arrest a man after he assaulted an officer.

It started at about 8:45am Saturday in Sparks near Baring Boulevard and Springland Drive. A caller told police about a reckless driver who spun out and hit the curb before driving away. When officers found the car, it was in the 3200 block of Danville Drive. It had a flat tire and neighbors said the driver had parked the car then driven off in a white truck.

That is about the time the white truck came speeding down Danville. It pulled into the driveway and almost hit the officers. As the man, later identified as Hector Barrera-Estrada, got out of the truck, the officers started to talk to him but he pushed passed them and tried to go inside. Officers say they noticed he "appeared to be impaired by drugs or alcohol."

The officers tried to stop him but he resisted and struggled with the officers. That is when he assaulted one officer by putting his hands around her neck, ripping off her necklace and causing minor injuries. When she disengaged Barrera-Estrada, the other officer used a stun gun. They arrested the man without any more conflict.

Neighbors told police Barrera-Estrada had been driving recklessly, including spinning doughnuts, earlier in the day but no one called police until later.

Barrera-Estrada will face Battery on a Police Officer, Obstructing an Officer, Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving and Destruction of Property charges.