Sparks Police Thank Men Who Ran Down Robbery Suspect on Foot

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SPARKS, Nev. -- Sparks police are thanking two men who ran down and caught a robbery suspect whom, they say, stole an elderly woman's purse.

The incident happened just before 8:40am Friday in the Rail City Casino parking lot in Sparks. According to investigators, a 72-year-old woman left the casino and a young man followed her, approached her from behind, grabbed her purse and ran away.

That is when two men, James McCormick and Francisco Villasenor, chased the suspect down. At one point, they caught him but he got away. Eventually they caught him and held him until police got there. Even after police arrived, the suspect was uncooperative.

Officers arrested 26-year-old Robert Arthur Sheline of Reno. He was booked for Strong Arm Robbery and his bail was set at $20,000.

In a press release, the Sparks Police Department said they "would like to formally thank James McCormick and Francisco Villasenor for stepping up and assisting an elderly citizen in a time of need. They did this without hesitation and their courage helped in take a dangerous individual off the street."