Sparks Police Investigate Apparent Attempted Kidnapping of 10-Year-Old

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SPARKS, NV - Sparks police are putting the word out about an apparent attempted kidnapping.

It happened about 8:45AM Friday, September 13 at Greenbrae Drive and 1st Street. Police say a ten-year-old girl was walking to Greenbrae Elementary School when she was approached by a male in a car who opened his door and tried to grab the girl. She got away and ran home to tell her parents.

The girl says the man was wearing a long-sleeve white shirt with an ornate design on the right sleeve. He was wearing black gloves and had a deep powerful voice.

Police say the girl's description of the car is consistent with a mid-2000's mid-size sedan. The paint job had alternating horizontal stripes of black and medium green about 12 inches wide. It had a gold snake or dragon hood ornament and a medium-sized dent in the right rear quarter panel.

Sparks police are also telling us about another incident the same day in which two children felt they were being followed by a suspicious car. Police say the vehicles in both incidents have similar descriptions.
Investigators say around 3PM Friday, young girls were walking home southbound on 11th Street at Vance Way when they felt a driver in a vehicle was trying to approach them in an aggressive manner.

The children described the car as heading south on 11th Street. They say it was a sedan, greenish/bluish possibly with some black on it. They gave a partial plate with the numbers of 372.

If you can help find these people or cars, please call Sparks police or Secret Witness at 322-4900.